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For the preparation of private and commercial aircraft pilots, the Ukrainian Flight Academy "Chemical Aviation Technologies" conducted certification and put into operation the SoftekSim ™ FNPT II MCC procedural simulator.

This procedural simulator is designed for the initial and periodic training of aircraft pilots and provides skills for both visual (VFR) and instrumental (IFR) flights, as well as for working out interactions in multi-crews (MCC). The simulator can work out procedures such as starting and warming up engines, shutting down engines and aircraft equipment, normal and emergency procedures during flight, as well as emergency procedures on the ground.

The equipment of the simulator represents three types of aircraft: Cessna 172N (single-engine piston land aircraft class - SEP (L)), Beechcraft 76 Duchess (multi-engine piston land aircraft class – MEP (L)) and Beechcraft King Air C90 (aircraft type for working in multi-crews - MCC).
The simulator fully meets the requirements of EASA CS-FSTD(A).Structurally, the simulator is a model of the cockpit of the aircraft with internally located workplaces of pilots, controls and instrument panel representing the real aircraft. Flight navigation equipment is built on the principle of "glass cabin", and is based on the EFIS Garmin 1000.

The visualization system consists of a screen and three projectors providing a viewing angle of 180 ° horizontally and 35 ° vertically. The visualization system simulates the earth's surface and the state of the atmosphere in some detail, allows you to work out visual maneuvers, flights with low visibility, as well as the transition from visual flight to instrument flight.

According to the requirements of PART-FCL 1, the FNPT II procedural simulator is allowed to undergo practical (flight) training (training time at the simulator is included in the total plaque) for the following training programs:
PPL(A) - up to 5:00; CPL (A) - up to 5:00; CPL (A) / IR - up to 40 hours; IR (A) - up to 35 hours (SEP) and up to 40 hours (MEP) MCC - 20 hours.