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Requirements for the FI qualification mark 1. In order to receive permission to complete an approved training course for obtaining the FI qualification mark, a candidate should:1.1. be at least 18 years old;
1.2. fly at least 200 hours for pilots of aircraft or 300 hours for pilots of helicopters, of which 100 hours as СС (command and crew) (if the candidate is the owner of АТРL or СРL), or 150 hours as СС for pilots of aircraft and 200 hours as СС for pilots of helicopters (if the candidate is owner of PPL);

1.3. comply with the requirements for theoretical training for СРL;
1.4. fly at least 30 hours in single-engine aircraft; pass at least 10:00 instrument flight training (for pilots), of which no more than 5:00 may be time for instrument ground training on FNPT II procedural simulators.
1.5. fly at least 20 hours along the route as СС, including, in addition, for aircraft pilots, a flight with a total distance of at least 540 km (300 nautical miles), during which landings should be performed at two different aerodromes;
1.6. pass a special flight test with the owner of the current FI qualification mark, based on professional verification within six months preceding the start of the training course.
2. The course of preparation and receipt of the FI qualification mark:Flight training includes 30 flying hours, of which 25 hours must be performed with an instructor, and 5:00 may be performed with another candidate for the FI qualification mark with alternate СС management for practicing practical skills. 5:00, from 25 hours, is on the FNPT II, certified for this purpose by the State Aviation Administration. The flight check time of the candidate is additional to the main time;

The candidate for the FI qualification mark should demonstrate to the examiner authorized by the State Aviation Administration for this purpose, the ability to train students to the level necessary to obtain the РРL, including pre-flight, post-flight and theoretical training.
For FI at least 100 hours of flight training needed and, in addition, at least 25 independent flights of cadets under its control, FI rights are limited to performance under the control of another FI approved for this purpose.